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Masonry Contractor serving in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan

Exterior Work

We specialize in all types of masonry work which includes brick pointing, grinding, waterproofing, brownstone restoration, roofing, stucco, limestone, sidewalk, concrete, bluestone, thorocoat, parapet wall, cement work and etc.


As a company with over 15 years of experience, Define Contracting have proven to be one of the best construction companies in New York City. NYC will never cease to create game-changing projects that will endlessly progress the city into the modern era. New marvelous buildings are constantly being built in New York City, adding to the cornerstone of what New York City is made of. Humbly speaking, our company has contributed to the new aesthetic appeals of the city by working on both exterior and interior home projects throughout New York City. We strive to outperform the standard services to bring our customers to complete satisfaction. By being fully licensed and insured, we can guarantee you a hassle-free experience towards completing your next home/office improvement project.